Greg Orrell, President of Orrell Capital Management

Greg Orrell, President

Founded in 1991

Orrell Capital Management (OCM) is a SEC registered investment advisor specializing in the precious metals mining industry. We provide defensive style investment management services to institutions and individual investors. OCM is recognized for our equity product in the precious metals sector. The Firm manages and is the investment advisor to the OCM Gold Fund, open-end mutual funds.

Our Philosophy

Orrell Capital Management (OCM) has a strong belief and understanding in gold’s monetary attributes and seeks to deliver investment performance through a disciplined approach utilizing our in-depth knowledge of gold’s monetary attributes and the precious metals mining industry. Our investment philosophy emphasizes preserving the long-term purchasing power of client portfolios as the foundation for maximizing total rates of return.

We believe our precious metals equity products can provide favorable rates of return as a contra-cyclical investment in periods of declining financial asset markets. In addition, our management style of seeking value and growth in precious metals mining equities offers the opportunity for competitive total rates of return in stable gold market environments.

Our Strategy

Orrell Capital Management employs an active portfolio approach to the precious metals mining industry. We allocate portfolios to include the largest capitalized companies in the sector along with smaller percentages in mid-cap and small-cap companies. We believe this strategy allows for full participation in the industry in order to maximize total rates of return. In evaluating companies, we seek value within the industry and companies exhibiting strong growth profiles. Further, it is our belief that overall country risk of portfolios be taken into consideration at all times in order to limit portfolio risk and to seek out special growth opportunities within the precious metals sector.

Investment Process

By incorporating our economic and monetary analysis with our fundamental analysis into our investment decision making process, we follow a very disciplined top-down, bottom-up approach. Our major emphasis is directed at understanding the United State’s economic cycle and its influence on the gold market. In following these major cycles, we structure our client portfolios to reflect economic and monetary events that may effect the direction of the gold price. Individual equity positions are chosen upon careful evaluation of asset bases, management and earnings, and asset base sensitivity to gold price movements.


We concentrate 40% of our analytical time on economic and monetary research. To ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the major trends in gold prices, our investment research emphasizes a thorough analysis of both domestic and international events and their impact on the major capital markets. The remaining 60% of our analytical time is directed at fundamental analysis on individual companies. We include management interviews and site visits to operations as part of our serious fundamental analysis that we believe enhances our ability to produce favorable rates of return for our clients.
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